Blog: Here Comes Pascua! April 7, 2012


My name is Kristal and I am so happy to introduce myself!  I am currently a student at UC Berkeley intended to major in Business and Economics. As an international student, I have traveled and lived in different countries such as Canada, Malaysia, and Dubai. I experienced different cultures and I am now very interested to learn and share information about the Latin culture.   I am excited to meet you all at upcoming events. Each week I will be writing blogs about Latin news, history, and culture that seem interesting. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this blog – we want to hear from you! Please leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

In honor of Pascua, this post is dedicated to the Latino Holy Week and a recipe for a fun Latino tradition!

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Blog: A Very Latino Christmas – December 20, 2011

Similar to our Thanksgiving post, the Christmas season for Latinos in the US is a time when Latin American traditions are integrated and sometimes even blended, with American customs. Depending on how acculturated the family is determines how much of the Latin traditions are celebrated. Given that Latin America has heavy Catholic roots, traditions are deeply religious. [Read more...]

Blog: Latinos & The Occupy Movement – December 13, 2011

As we all know, Latinos comprise a majority of the state of California, the most populated state in the nation, and the largest minority group in the U.S.; this being said,  we have the power to bring change to the our country. So what is a Latino’s role in the Occupy Movement exactly? Do they have one? [Read more...]

Blog: Hablas Spanglish? – December 1, 2011

Hola amantes de la cultura Latina! This is Karina, an intern for Conectando Latinos. I am currently a Senior at Saint Mary’s College of California and only a semester away from graduating with a BA in Communication. I look forward to writing weekly blogs about interesting topics existing within the Latin Community and assisting in planning fun and engaging events for all of you to partake in!

According to, Spanglish is “Spanish spoken with a large admixture of English, especially American, words and expressions.” [Read more...]

Blog: The Latino Thanksgiving – November 21, 2011

Despite Thanksgiving being a holiday that celebrates American roots, Latinos living in the United States still feel a connection to the significance of the holiday and enjoy   partaking in the festivities. There is an interesting balance to be made between one’s roots and the “all American” traditions. Essentially, families are starting their own traditions, combining the American and Latino cultures. We’ve examined some of the most common ethnic traditions during Thanksgiving, or “Día de Acción de Gracias.”

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Blog: The Origins of Latin Music – September 21, 2011

Hello! How is everyone enjoying these sunny days? I hope music is part of those days! Latin America has such a diverse choice of music, it’s hard to pick from just one. Each region has something different to offer.

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Blog: The Role of Latinos in Hollywood? – August 15, 2011

Hello everyone! This is Yesenia, the new intern for Conectando Latinos. I am currently a senior at San Francisco State University and only a year away from graduating with my B.S. in Hospitality! I look forward to writing weekly blogs about anything having to do with the Latin Community and of course planning some fun events for all of you to enjoy!  [Read more...]