About Us

Quienés somos: We are a social activities club for professionals of all ethnicities that have an appreciation for Latin American culture. Members are provided opportunities to meet other Latin American culture lovers with common interests in a relaxed and welcoming environment. We organize unique events in the Bay Area such as cooking classes, theme dance parties, and wine tasting, plus weekend getaways and activities on international cruises.

Mission Statement: Our objective is to unite the Latino and American culture by bringing awareness of our culture and traditions. Whether it is the food, music, language, or art, we strive to demonstrate the uniqueness and beauty of our culture through fun events and activities.

All events will  include “romper el hielo”, better known as ice-breakers, GUARANTEEING you get to know new people at each event.

SINGLES: Unlike most singles events or dances, where you are left on your own, we dedicate time at each event to pair individuals in fun ways. No more worrying about finding a friend to go with you to mixers or dreading coming up to strangers and making conversation! All the hard work of breaking the ice with other singles is taken care of by us. The more events you attend, the more connections you will form.

COUPLES: Have you ever had trouble finding another couple to do activities with? Maybe your friends are still single, your friends that are couples have kids, or you can’t seem to coordinate schedules with anyone? We will match you up with other couples with similar interests so you meet that “go-to” couple you’ve been waiting for!

We do the hard work for you whether you are single or in a relationship looking to expand your circle of friends.

We hope you leave with new friendships and a memorable experience at every event. Our events are carefully planned to the last detail, everything from the theme to the venue, which cannot be replicated anywhere else. This club is an alternative to your typical cocktail hour or singles dance in a hotel conference room. We provide the quality and personalization you would expect from upscale social clubs or dating services without the hefty price tag!

We look forward to serving you with multiple events per month scheduled.  Join us today!