Blog: The Latino Thanksgiving – November 21, 2011

Despite Thanksgiving being a holiday that celebrates American roots, Latinos living in the United States still feel a connection to the significance of the holiday and enjoy   partaking in the festivities. There is an interesting balance to be made between one’s roots and the “all American” traditions. Essentially, families are starting their own traditions, combining the American and Latino cultures. We’ve examined some of the most common ethnic traditions during Thanksgiving, or “Día de Acción de Gracias.”

  1. Family is a very important component of one’s Hispanic identity. This is why Thanksgiving, a time for getting together, sharing memories and laughs is appealing and is greatly adopted by immigrant families. Bringing the family together to celebrate is essential and it is not uncommon to see at 3+ generations coming together.
  2. This holiday is centered on food, which is a great part of the Latin culture. Stuffing might be seasoned with different chili peppers, corn and arroz is a staple, and tamales or menudo might even make an appearance! Abuelita is usually in charge of preparing the turkey or any meat dish.
  3. Music/Entertainment. Whether it is Salsa music and dancing after dinner, or simply bringing everyone together to the family room and watching a movie, family activities don’t stop after dinner.

At the end of the day, Thanksgiving is just that, the act of giving thanks, so anyone can and should celebrate. Whether one is thankful for family, friends, health, or (in this economy) a job, it is certain that we can all be thankful for something. What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?