Blog: The Origins of Latin Music – September 21, 2011

Hello! How is everyone enjoying these sunny days? I hope music is part of those days! Latin America has such a diverse choice of music, it’s hard to pick from just one. Each region has something different to offer.

  • Mexico has one of the most diverse musical history of any Latin country.  Mariachi is one of the most popular, originating from the state of Jalisco. Many of Mexico’s most popular artists incorporate mariachi into their music, such as father-son Vicente and Pedro Fernandez. Rancheras and Nortena music are also well known (similar to Tex-Mex).
  • Even though cumbia is heard through out Latin America, it originates in Colombia (home to Latin pop artists Shakira and Juanes). This musical style traces back to the 1920’s when Colombia was fighting for their independence.
  • In addition to the tango, Rock en Español can also be traced back to Argentina.
  • Brazilian musical contributions includes the popular samba and bossa nova.
  • Cuba is known for it’s world famous music genres such as salsa (based on son music), mambo, and rumba
  • Bachata hails from the Dominican Republic, and is a fairly new musical form that started to gain popularity about 40 years ago.
  • Reggaeton, urban contemporary music, blends Latin, Caribbean, and West Indies music together. It generally features Spanish rapping, and can be traced back to Puerto Rico.

Hope this provides you an good overview of where your favorite musical styles came from. Speaking of music, don’t forget your chance to sing along to your favorite Latin tunes during this Saturday’s Karaoke Night! Remember to RSVP!

What are your favorite Latin Music genres?