Welcome to the Blog: Fiestas, Theme Parties, Mixers & More! – August 2nd, 2011

This is Katherine, in the Marketing group at Conectando Latinos. This weekly blog is meant to provide you some insight as to what’s to come, get your feedback/suggestions, and share fun resources about the Latin culture.

We have been working really hard to plan events that are unique in concept and execution. We want everyone to walk away from our events think “I had a fantastic time!,” which is why our events combine fun ideas with ice-breakers and games to make sure everyone interacts. As you may have seen, we already planned a ton of events, such as cooking classes, kayaking, and evening fiestas. However, most of our events have been postponed, while we work on spreading the word (tell your friends!) and make the events even stronger. We want to ensure we have enough time so that we meet our goal of conectando latinos and latino-culture lovers.

Not to worry though; you can except to see them all up, plus more in the next 6-8 weeks! We will also be launching a referral program where you can save $ on your event ticket by bringing friends or even get a free admission by bringing more!

We ensure it will be work the wait. For now, we have a Fragrance Making Workshop and Mission District Walking Tour to tide you over. If you are a member of our newsletter, you will get more instructions on how to enroll. Remember to sign up or become a fan on Facebook to get notifications, as well reminders for our latest blog entries.

Hasta la proxima!